Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I was out of town a couple of weeks ago when I saw this car with a very cool license plate. Now there's a gal that isn't afraid of expressing her opinions, way to go, more power to you!

I really like the idea of cars as arenas of self-expression, you have many options from personalized license plates like the one above and this cuter one. Or you can go with any of the million and one bumper stickers available, I personally like this one

Or you can go with a fish! I know of at least 3 such expressive fishies to choose from:
The original Jesus fish, I see a LOT of those in North Dakota.

Or if you're feeling a little naughty, a Judas fish. Looks exactly like a Jesus fish but has JUDAS written instead.

And my personal favorite, the Darwin fish, which through the process of Intelligent Design has grown cute little feet :)

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