Sunday, April 23, 2006

Back in the saddle again

We just had a gorgeous weekend, sunny and highs in the 70s both days so it was the perfect time for me to make my triumphant return to biking, these are some pictures I took along the bike trails. First off though my new toy, she's green!

and still shiny :)

some follow Fargoan's enjoying the lovely day.

playing hide the shadow, I like how this tree takes a dip in the pond and emerges dry from the other side.

parts of the trails are still in a rough shape, 2 weeks ago this whole area was under water from the river flooding.

the debris on the trees show how high the water was.

blue skies.

It feels great to be out on a bike again! although my rear end isn't fully agreeing with the last statement, I haven't been on a bike for over 2 years.

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