Monday, February 06, 2012

The 13th Anniversary of King Hussein's Passing

This February 7th marks the 13 anniversary of the death of King Hussein I of Jordan. The late King Hussein ruled Jordan for 48 years and left a substantial legacy that includes the no small act of building of modern Jordan into a state practically from scratch.

In the archives of C-SPAN I found the video of the BBC's World Service broadcast of the funeral. 1999 appears an eternity ago, seeing figures like Egyptian former President Mubarak, Yemen's Saleh, and Assad senior; one can't help and wonder how the late King would have navigated Jordan through the Arab spring had he still been alive.

Here's the 3 and half hour video of the funeral from C-SPAN. Of note is that the funeral coverage is anchored by the BBC's Brian Hanrahan who passed away in 2010.

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