Friday, January 26, 2007

He Pulled What Out of Her?!!

K#$ OKHT EL TAKHALOF (initial reaction, had to be said).

But here's what LBC has to say about the show this was on:

تقدّم الفضائية اللبنانية برنامجا جديدا يهمّ المشاهد العربي، ويحيط بجوانب
حياته الإجتماعية والمعيشية والإقتصادية كافة بعنوان عيشوا معنا
عيشوا معنابرنامج سعودي خليجي يتضمّن فقرات يومية منوّعة، برنامج حواري مباشر
يناقش القضايا الإجتماعية والشبابية الحسّاسة في السعودية والخليج، من خلال تقارير ميدانية، وأراء من الشارع العربي وضيوف واتصالات

I don't know what to say.. maybe I'm going about this the wrong way, I should be happy that there's a show to discuss such important "sensitive social issues". Apparently, issues such as child abuse and molestation don't qualify.

We live in the dark ages, what I can't get over is maybe this is acceptable in a remote Saudi village in the middle of nowhere because enlightenment might've not reached people there yet. But to have such a person on TV, allowing him to broadcast such filth, unchallenged, unchecked, and of all places on a hip channel that brought us such advances as Star Academy... Allah be praised.

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